It’s been quite a while since I went into “book mode,” but 2011 will take me back to the keyboard for, Lord willing, two books. One is still under development (pray that the co-author I have contacted will join me in the project!) but the other is all set to begin work: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an will be my contribution to the effort to educate, motivate, and edify the Body of Christ in the area of Islamic evangelism and apologetics. It will not simply be a review of the Qur’an per se, but I will use key texts from the Qur’an (having provided a hopefully helpful introduction and outline) as the framework upon which to build a presentation of the key issues (not all possible issues, not even the most “exciting” issues—but the issues that actually matter eternally) that separate Christianity and Islam and give rise to the primary areas of discussion when Christians and Muslims talk. As I have in my previous books, I will seek to present the issues plainly and clearly and understandably, all the while doing so in such a way as to educate and train the believer, increasing their confidence so as to lead to a growth in evangelism and outreach. Much of the fear that exists in the hearts and minds of Christians about speaking to that Muslim about the faith arises from ignorance fueled by a constant focus in the media upon the most radicalized forms of Islam. My prayer is that the believers who read this book will be emboldened to proclaim the Lordship of Christ to every Muslim.

Here’s How You Can Help
Human nature being what it is, there is a downside to my going into “book mode.” It’s pretty simple: we are a small ministry. We do not have fund raisers. We do not send out fund raising letters, we don’t have folks cold-calling contributors, and we rarely mention finances on The Dividing Line. But we are supported by regular folks who see the need for this work, and every once in a while we need to provide a reminder of this (as we constantly and thankfully have new folks discovering our work). When I am traveling and doing debates on a wide range of topics, this obviously helps the ministry in the sense of exposure and hence support. But when I am sitting in my office reading books, making notes, and writing chapters of a book that won’t see the light of day for months into the future—well, let’s face it, human nature is human nature, and we all know the saying, “What have you done for me lately?” So the biggest thing anyone can do to assist in “book writing in 2011” would be to let us know you will stand with us with regular support to keep the ministry moving forward, the DL airing regularly, etc.

Next, I use the Ministry Resource List to obtain the materials I need for these projects, and I have put a number of such resources on that list just recently, one of which is mighty expensive, but it would be incredibly helpful. The handful of folks who have kept an eye on that list over the past two years and have helped me out by providing those tangible resources have no idea how encouraging that is, and even more so, how necessary. I know a number of folks have commented on how they enjoy knowing that a particular book or electronic item they purchased was going to be used in a particular project, in preparation for a particular debate, etc. I am just thankful for the assistance and fellowship!

So please pray for these projects (they are not the only writing projects I have going) and stand with us in 2011 as we seek to proclaim the Lordship of Christ over all the earth! Indeed, please also remember my trip to the UK in February. We still have financial needs associated with that trip, so it would be a great encouragement if all those needs could be fully met!

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