I mentioned a while back that I am really working hard to finish this book for Bethany House, and that I would try to post little snippets. Here’s today’s snippet:

Just as God’s saving grace instructs those it saves, so too the Word of God trains, instructs, disciplines believers as they seek to live in the realm or sphere of righteousness. We are not accustomed to such living when we first come to Christ, of course, and hence must be instructed “in righteousness,” and this the man of God can do on the basis of the God-breathed Scriptures. The modern reader should pay close attention to what this means in our context: God’s Word is able to provide us with the foundation for sound ethical and moral action and thought. We can live in righteousness when we are willing to receive exhortation and instruction from Scripture. Given the wholesale abandonment of the Bible as the source for our knowledge of how we as Christians are to live (accompanied by the rush to human philosophies and mechanisms), these words need to be heard once again in the professing church.

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