On Monday I am going to be re-recording my opening statement in the resurrection debate that took place in 2005 between myself and Dr. Jim Renihan of the Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies (representing historical Christianity) and John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg on the topic of the resurrection. Then we are going to try to sync that up with the video (the audio was badly distorted during my opening statement, which is the main reason we have never gotten the debate into mp3 or video format).
   Unfortunately, the older computer unit we have used to generate audio and video materials gasped its last, flipped over, twitched a few times, and gave up the ghost. Right as we are doing our best to get more and more of our material into digital video format for download (perhaps BECAUSE we have been doing so, of course).
In any case, given the encouraging support that we have seen from our faithful supporters in reference to ministry resources I need for debate preparation and writing (found on my Amazon wish list), we want to make you aware of this need. We have put a description of the system we would like to put together here. Obviously, very few of our supporters can purchase the entire unit, but we have made it possible to donate toward the total cost. We try to keep our materials very reasonably priced, but there just isn’t any substitute for having the proper computer facilities needed to edit video, render it, create DVDs, mp3s, etc. This unit would allow us to continue to make progress also in getting all of our older video materials available in digital format. We’ve been defending the faith for 25 years, and over that time we have produced a good bit of material! We want to get all of it out there! This unit would allow us to press forward.

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