On Dec. 4, 2008 I announced the 2009 Spring Theology Conference that Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary will be holding in Greenville, SC. The theme for the conference is “John Calvin 500 Years in Retrospect: A 21st Century Assessment.”

This year will be a bit different as the folks from Sermon Audio will be on-hand to broadcast live. But, not the entire conference. The two sessions you will be able to catch live are “Calvin the Preacher”, by Joseph Pipa, Jr. (March 10 @ 7pm) and “John Calvin: ‘The Theologian of the Holy Spirit'”, by Joel Beeke (March 11 @ 7pm).

Tune in!

BTW: In case you do not already know, Greenville Seminary now owns the Mt. Olive Tape Library (a collection of audio on reformed theology, apologetics and other issues). For example, you can check out the late Dr. Gregg Singer’s apologetics class here. We even have some of Dr. White’s lectures online here.

Beginning in April, I will be heading up the Media department at GPTS. And as I wade through the boxes of tapes this summer (we have about 10,000.00 tapes) I hope to find some things that would be beneficial to the body of Christ. Stay tuned!

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