Before I get the reputation of being a Van Til controversialist, I have posted some new papers on my site pertaining to Covenant Theology. The first is a presentation of Covenant Theology from a credobaptist (i.e., believer’s baptist) position. While I most certainly fly my Reformed Baptist colors on this paper, I hasten to add that our paedobaptist brethren would probably agree with upwards of 80% of this paper, so I think everyone can find something of use from it. As for our Dispensationalist brethren… well, okay, you can’t please everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ The second paper is a historical survey of Covenant Theology. This paper seeks to explore the historical roots of Covenant Theology, recognizing that while we believe the system of belief to be biblical, we acknowledge that, like many other biblical doctrines, it developed and underwent refining over a period of many years. There are probably many people out there that hold to Covenant Theology but have never considered when it was first systematized, or which, if any, ancient fathers of the church believed as they do. Hopefully this paper will answer questions and provide a springboard for further study.

To find these and other papers, go to the “Papers” section of my website:

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