Obviously (typing with tongue-in-cheek), with the recent republication of the exchanges between James and Mr. McKinsey on this blog, professor Vern Poythress, of Westminster Theological Seminary has made his brand new book Inerrancy and Worldview: Answering Modern Challenges to the Bible available free of charge. Grab the PDF by clicking here.

You can also purchase a hard copy of this book by clicking here

Publisher’s Descriptions:
Serious Bible readers all recognize that there are differences between accounts of the same events in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and no responsible reader can simply sweep these differences under the rug. But can all of the accounts still be reconciled with a belief in biblical inerrancy?

Responding to the questions surrounding the gospel narratives, New Testament scholar Vern Poythress contributes a worthy case for inerrancy in the gospels and helps readers understand basic principles for harmonization. He also tackles some of the most complicated exegetical problems, showing the way forward on passages that have perplexed many, such as the centurion’s servant, the cursing of the fig tree, and more.

All those interested in the authority of Scripture will find in this volume great encouragement and insight as Poythress has provided an arresting case to stem the tide of skepticism.

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