I am referring to Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views, a single rushed author’s copy of which just arrived UPS at my office. It is thick (427 pages), but it is typeset rather loosely (i.e., considerably less text on a page than most of the books I am accustomed to reading, or writing), hence my description as “fluffy.” As to the content, well, I have to leave that to the readers to decide. If you are a regular listener to the Dividing Line, you’ve heard the arguments before. Hopefully many people who would otherwise never hear about the freedom and power of God’s grace will hear and believe as a result of this book.

Warning: This book may well contain doctrines removed from the space-time world which have been influenced by every possible form of Greek philosophy, and may lead to a severe infection of Donatism and Radical Anabaptist Objectivist Pure Exegesis Syndrome.

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