When Shabir Ally contacted me and told me he was going to be in the UK at the same time I was, and we arranged to do the debate which took place last Monday night, I immediately began thinking about the topic I was going to have to defend: Is Jesus Prophesied in the Bible? I got hold of Rich and said, “Please call Bill Webster and get a copy of his book, Behold Your King shipped to us right away.” I had had a copy, but, alas, it disappeared. So Rich did so, and I found Bill’s book tremendously helpful in the preparation I did for the debate.
The study of biblical prophecies that focus the attention upon Jesus Christ is a true blessing. I sure found it encouraging and edifying. Bill has put a lot of time and effort into providing a huge number of resources relevant to the Jewish interpretation of the key texts as well. It may be “trite” to say “a great gift idea,” but everything we are adding to the bookstore would, in fact, be a great gift idea for elders and teachers and evangelists and apologists. Get it here.

We had tried to get this out last year, but we have finally gotten past our hurdles. We have added an appendix updating the text to reflect some of the developments since this book was first published, including a review of Mouw’s infamous “apology” in Salt Lake City. This work is still one of the most complete documentations of Mormonism’s historical doctrine of God available. Pre-orders yours here.
Don’t forget this gem either! Anyone who has listened to my debates knows how often the issue of textual variation comes up, so every resource you can get to assist in evaluating such claims is important! Get yours here.

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