I just got word on a possible debate topic for Revelation TV, which would be really great. But more importantly, if the hoped for encounter with a particular anti-Trinitarian materializes, there are two resources on the ministry resource list that would be very useful in preparation for that encounter, as both focus upon the OT text as it existed in the days of Jesus, i.e., the Dead Sea Scrolls/Qumran materials. The ministry resource list is here, and if you order the list by priority (high to low), I’ve put those two items in the “highest” category.

It looks like the next six weeks are going to be very, very busy, and not in just one area, either. Anti-trinitarianism, textual issues, Reformed theology, Roman Catholicism, Islam—and it looks like I’m doing the “schedule something just about every day while traveling over seas” thing that doesn’t give you a moment to breathe. All prayers on deck, please!

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