I hear that everyone interested in apologetics arises early in the morning. I like to get up around 4am, although that certainly doesn’t happen every morning. Well, if you think 4am is early, then 8am is late. So, you will not miss the radio debate that will take place tomorrow morning between Drs. Joseph Pipa and Craig Blomberg. The topic will be the Sabbath. Both Drs. are contributors to Perspectives on the Sabbath: 4 Views. For further information on the debate click here.

A few other resources I’d like to mention:

Earlier this year, Dr. Carl Trueman spoke at the RCA Integrity Conference (I’m just learning about the audio) on an important topic all of us should be interested in. Here are his two sessions:

A Few Good Men: Lessons from Paul on Preserving Orthodoxy

Overstaying their Welcome and Other Signs of False Teachers: Some Early Church Thoughts on Unity and Confession.

BTW, Carl Trueman participated in a debate yesterday evening with the Chairman of the Board of the Bertrand Russell Society. Dr. Truman commented on the debate today on Ref21, here is my favorite part of the post:

“Do not tell me that we are a random bunch of atoms and then try to impose your myths on me. Do not create a morality in your own image and then try to give it some objective, transcendent status. A random world does not give privileged status to the moral myths of an upper class English proto-hippy. Do not tell me that serial killers are morally worse than aid workers. At best, you might say that you find them personally more distasteful.”

One (among many) resources I I’m looking forward to next year is a new book from Crossway authored by Dr. Scott Oliphint titled Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith. Oliphint is the author of The Battle Belongs to the Lord and Reasons for Faith: Philosophy in the Service of Theology.

Also, Dr. Oliphint participated in a conference back in October at Shiloh OPC in North Carolina. The audio is located here and includes a session on The Problem of Evil.

The following audio is a bit dated, but in case you are not aware of it, Michael Butler taught a course titled “Biblical Presuppositional Apologetics” which is available here.

Also, Jerry Crick (for professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) has an apologetics course online titled “Reformed Apologetics and Scripture” These lectures are located here. Don’t miss his course on The Scientific Method. Dr. Crick died this year. For further information on this click here.

BTW, I have mentioned the upcoming GPTS Conference on the Doctrine of Man (it’s worth mentioning again), but did not mention a conference that Lane Tipton and Vern Poythress recently participated in, on the Doctrine of Man. I would not agree with some things I heard (e.g. I hold to a 6 literal-day creation, Dr. Tipton does not), but it is always worth taking the time to listen to both of these men. Click here to listen.

A recent edition of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (Summer 2012 Vol 16 No 2) includes an article by Travis Kerns titled “Who Is This Jesus? An Examination of the Christology of the Latter-day Saints.” Also a recent edition (2012 | Volume: 35) of the CRI Journal, Brian J. Wright and Tim Ricchuiti’s article appears, titled “Jehovah’s Witnesses and John 1:1: New Evidence Advances the Discussion.”

That’s all folks!

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