When I travel I love to show pastors the Uber Bible. The look on their faces as they hold it is just priceless. What on earth is the Uber Bible, you ask? Well, it is the NASB Large Print UltraThin Bible from the Lockman Foundation. What makes it so special? Well, as I have said to a number of folks, “In the still of the night, if you listen real closely, you can still hear the cover mooing.” I have simply never felt a thicker, softer, more luxurious leather cover than on this Bible. It simply hangs in your hand. Combine a great translation with readable text and a tremendous leather cover and you have the Uber Bible. Now, items with the title “Uber” in their name tend to be uber expensive as well, so if you are looking for an inexpensive Bible, this isn’t the one for you. But if you are looking to invest in a Bible that will make you smile every time you touch its cover (oh yes, THE leather smell is wonderful—only folks who love leather bound books understand what I mean), this is the one for you. This also makes about the best gift you could ever give someone for their ordination, or for an anniversary. Retails for $149.99, we have it for $120.00.

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