Father, my nation has no basis upon which to seek Your blessing. You are the King of Kings, the ruler over all nations, and You know how deeply my country has offended Your honor and Your law. My people seek every opportunity to engage in rebellion, and You have begun to place over us men and women who are open in their hatred of Your truth and Your Word. We know Your wrath is already being seen in our self-destructive, life-loathing murder of unborn children, and in our perverse willingness to distort the very first institution You established among men, marriage. I confess Your judgment is just.

I likewise know, oh Lord, that You often use Your judgments to bring repentance amongst men. And so Lord I pray that You will indeed bring repentance in this land, and that You would do so as you see fit. I know this may involve further judgment and I may have to count the cost daily of following You as Your enemies grow bolder and bolder in their rush into destruction. Whatever Your sovereign will, I ask that Your people would be faithful in seeking Your honor and glory in all things.

But though I know Your judgment to be just, I also know you to be a merciful God. And so, Lord, I pray Your mercy will be seen this day in this land. I pray that you will protect us from ungodly leaders, and instead will show mercy and grace to our children’s children. Work so as to bring an end to the murder of unborn children in our land. Work so as to revive the basic conscience of men and women so that the progress of those seeking to pervert our nation through homosexuality and “same-sex marriage” will be stopped. Show Yourself powerful, Lord, in restraining the wicked, and emboldening Your people who love You as we seek to stand for Your truth, to Your glory. May You indeed bless our nation, not with material wealth, but with true repentance.

In whatever takes place this day, Lord, our prayer is that righteousness will be exalted, and wickedness defeated. And in all situations, may we be found faithful to give You all the honor and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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