Hear those crickets? Yeah, it’s quiet. The books have shipped (and I’m sure they were busy at The Berean Call as well), but they are still in transit. Won’t be hitting the bookstores for a while, either. Hence, the calm before the storm. 🙂

Joined Paul Edwards for an hour on his program in Detroit today (www.ontheword.net) to talk about Roman Catholic apologetics. He’s been hit with folks saying he should have me on with this person or that: ironically, just about everyone his listeners have suggested won’t debate me anyway. None of them called in. Odd.

Hey, the blog wars are over! w00t! And TGE won. Or so he says. I’m a bit confused, though (being a babdist does that): at first I was told that he wouldn’t engage in exegesis of Gal. 2 because it wasn’t fair because I teach Greek and all; then, during the exchanges, I was faulted for not responding to every nitpicking comment because I have two books coming out, one I’m writing, and numerous other publications in the works; but now at the end we hear about how nothing of substance has been offered in response to this long list of articles TGE has written. Hey, could someone quit moving the goal posts? Anyway, he is off to build the Second Christendom in the space-time world. Lord bless him.

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