OK, that’s a pitiful recreation from Fantasy Island, but hey, it works. Look to the right, over there —> see the link about the cruise? FOLLOW IT! This cruise is being scheduled only eleven months after the last one, so we gotta get moving! Tired of hearing about how much fun everyone gets to have, all the fellowship, the teaching? Then sign up! (8-D

Hey, great news on the publishing front! I was able to communicate my concerns, and especially the real “heart” of the book I am finishing right now, to my publisher, and they have dropped the title that would have been really bad, and gone with one I really like. Lord willing the Fall catalog from Bethany House will contain Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible’s Accuracy, Authority, and Authenticity. This book was conceived many years ago, but kept getting put back by other projects. And now it is taking final shape.

Finally, I got a complaint from a fellow who claims to edit audio for PCA ministers about the line below, “The great question is not what will you do with Jesus Christ, my friend. It is what will Christ do with you?“I was informed that none of the ministers he knows would ever say anything like that. Well, irony of ironies, I first heard that line from R.C. Sproul, and yes, Dr. Sproul is listed as a PCA minister. Ah well, you can’t please everyone!


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