Just a quick note as I try to get caught up from my Atlanta trip. Met some great folks, even a few folks from channel. Here’s a little picture. From left to right, using our IRC nicks (to protect the not-so-innocent) we have redgoatee, RDD, DrOakley, johnMark, and XB6. skyman drove down with his lovely wife, but didn’t hang around for the picture, and TheHinge visited Sunday morning as well. Had a great time, and am very appreciative of the folks at Faith Community Church, especially Shane and Joel, for all their work, and to Jeremy for having the vision to bring it about.

Well, I got my e-mail back up and running, and what do I find but someone from “semper-reformanda.com” blowing the proverbial fuse. Somehow (please, don’t ask me how), this “Calvinist” read my tremendously brief comments in response to the Diane Sawyer interview (evidently nothing else I had said about the film), ignored everything I have ever said (repeatedly, as in over and over and over again) in print (in at least five books), on the Dividing Line over the years, in debates, in preaching, not only on the Passion issue, but on the entire issue of God’s decrees, man’s reponsibility, compatibilism, etc…i.e., ignored everything I’ve ever done…and comes to the conclusion that I am denying the culpability of the secondary means (i.e., Herod, Pontius, Pilate, etc. in Acts 4, Joseph’s brothers in Genesis 50) and laying it all at God’s doorstep by saying God was the one who killed Jesus. Here’s the article. The writer even goes so far as to quote Boettner on such a basic issue! Truly unbelievable. Many thanks for FJ De Angelis for his kind encouragement (no, of course he didn’t bother asking me about it before posting it) and deep insights. Folks like you make tire sales in Alaska look very appealing.

On a much more insightful note, Chad Bresson has written an excellent article on the film, having seen it himself. It is filled with very helpful links and the like. I have posted it “extra-blog” here.

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