Those of you who listened live to the Dividing Line last evening, you are “in on the big news.” For everyone else, here it comes.

If you will click on the cruise page over to the right you will see not only a new page that gives you a lot more reason to join us for our apologetics cruise, but you will discover that our Conference will be featuring such speakers as Phil Johnson, Steve Camp, and David King (aside from myself). But, you will also discover that on Friday night, November 5th, we will be hosting a major debate between myself and Douglas Wilson. The topic? Does Trinitarian Baptism Make One a Member of the New Covenant? For those who have been keeping up with the “Auburn Avenue” controversy, (the proponents of this view are now said to be promoting the “Federal Vision”) you know that we are, in essence, debating that issue. A large number of folks are looking forward to this encounter, and though we have obtained spacious accommodations, do not procrastinate! In fact, just give in and go for the whole Conference/Cruise deal! Make it an early Christmas present for your family! For details, see the cruise link at the top right of our home page. Many thanks to Mike and Sau O’Fallon and Rich Pierce for all their work in setting this up.

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