The Puritans called it a “dark providence.” Far from home, your cell phone rings. It is the alarm company. Yes, again. This man arrived outside our offices around 3:42am. He managed to get through the iron bars on the window, break it, and get in. Of course, that set off the alarm. It was a bit frustrating to log into our video system and not see anyone there for quite a while, but eventually the place was surrounded. No, they didn’t catch the guy. But it also looks like he didn’t get much of anything, though, at this point, obviously, it is hard to tell. My office, the location of the previous break ins, was not touched, as it is now a bit like a fortress. They broke the largest window in the offices, the one I’ve always felt was the most prone to this kind of thing. But how they got the iron bars off the concrete block wall, well, at this point, I don’t know. Evidently we need to get some Dobermanns, electric fences…something along those lines. Welcome to Phoenix, as they say. LA East. No earthquakes, just a lot more heat.
   Please pray that the folks back in Phoenix can secure the offices fully and that the offices will be protected while we press forward with our work here in Seattle. I would like to immediately thank Vic, Dan, Benny, and the others who will be working to secure things back in Pheonix. Also pray that this distraction will not detract from what we have worked so hard to prepare for those in the conference and, of course, that none of this will impact the upcoming debate.

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