Irrationality drives me nuts. There, I said it. I lose my low-level sanctification in a big fat hurry when someone demonstrates by their words or actions that they haven’t the first interest in thinking logically or fairly. Ask the folks in #prosapologian. I can be very long-suffering with some folks, but demonstrate that elementary logic is missing in your thinking and it can get ugly real fast. Recently a friend of mine got into a political conversation with a young fellow in the airport. The man’s second sentence was about how G.W. Bush was the “most dangerous President of all time,” and it slid downhill from there. Very quickly the guy exclaimed, “You’re an idiot!” Well, there you have it! Convincing argumentation!

Now, in our world today many who hate God’s law and do everything they can to abolish every monument to its existence exemplify in their every argument the utter disrespect for truth that marks irrationality. They are the ones who argue along these lines: “You disagree with me. You say I am wrong. To say I am wrong is to hate me. Therefore, your view is hate-speech, and should be suppressed, by force of law, if need be.” If you try to point out the logical inconsistencies in their position, you are informed that they will not respond to your hate-speech. And thus not a single iota of intelligent dialogue takes place, though they are quick to claim the high ground of “tolerance” and “scholarship” in the process. These professional victims are all around us, and though their views represent a small minority, their voice is magnified by an adoring press so that it echoes across our culture. When you pray today, thank the Lord for the freedom you have to speak His truth…and then pray He will maintain it. There are so many who wish to see it suppressed.

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