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2005: 365 Days of Opportunity to Present to God a Heart Marked by Godly Wisdom and Understanding! (www.aomin.org/proschat.html)

Also, I’m going to try to finish up the Hunt What Love is This? series. But let’s not forget to keep the questions going to TBC about mythical Hebrew originals of Acts. Letting folks get away with that kind of thing without retracting it just is not right.

Also, please note: the “Blog Rate” will be declining in January, despite my best efforts. I start teaching a Jan term class next week, and hence a good five hours (not including prep time) a day will be going elsewhere. I will continue with the Islamic response, which is going to be entering into a fairly long stretch of textual variations regarding Sinaiticus (a), and of course, examining The Catholic Verses and keeping up as best I can with other apologetically related developments.

Further note: Remember, the DL is on at 11am Tuesday and Thursday for the next two weeks, then it will return to its normal schedule.

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