We should probably get used to it. If it is associated with ABC, it will be as anti-Christian as it can possibly be. And so it was tonight, after the interview with Gibson on ABC. The local affiliate, notoriously one of the worst in the Phoenix area as far as news coverage is concerned, presented what it called an “investigation” into Concerned Christians, a Christian organization that seeks to witness to Mormons. But how anyone could possibly call this a piece of journalism or an “investigation” I cannot begin to imagine. It wasn’t just biased, it was grossly twisted. Tiny little short snippets were isolated from hours and hours of video tape secretly filmed in churches, used completely out of context, leaving the substance of the comparison of Mormon teaching and Christian truth completely out in the cold. And then they brought in four Mormon women, utterly without the slightest standing in regards to the LDS Church, to display their emotional dislike of snippets of Robertson’s teaching, all the while throwing about buzz-words like “hate.” It was an utterly disgusting display of yellow journalism at its worst. I guess they felt left out after the “big boys in New York” went after Gibson. In any case, be prepared for more of this in the future. It is “good TV” to mock the idea that there is such a thing as Christian truth, and anti-Christian error.

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