Bill Webster has posted his own testimony in light of the constant drum-beat of promoting Catholic converts. Here’s his article. Bookmark that one! When someone sends you some emotional, fluffy conversion story, send them to Bill’s. The contrast is striking, at least for anyone who loves the truth, that is.
   Secondly, I’ve been Simpsonized! MB ran me through the Simpsonizer, whatever in the world that is. But when I saw the result, there were two obvious things the Simpsonizer had missed: first, I was way too thin (looked like I did after I rode the Magic Circle Bike Challenge back in 1993, my first 100+ mile ride, and I dropped to a low of 165 lbs), and secondly, the tie I had on was plain black! Impossible! So Micah reprogrammed the Simpsonizer and the result was a bit more realistic!
   Finally, Mark Shea, Catholic commentator and sometimes apologist, has excoriated Robert Sungenis here, including a YouTube video featuring some of what he claims are statements made by Sungenis regarding the Jews. I have not had a lot of interest in following the Sungenis saga, honestly, but it is fascinating to read someone like Shea writing like this. He also takes on Matatics as well. My, how things have changed since the early 90s.

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