Back from Oklahoma City. Saw the memorial downtown and was quite moved! Very, very well planned and laid out. The museum was very well made, too. Can’t believe that was a full decade ago now. My how the world has changed.

I may hold off commenting more on the Wilkin debate till the DL on Tuesday. It is just hard to describe. Maybe some of the folks who were there will call in and share their views. The number of straw men that were left smoldering in the room almost set a new record. What was truly amazing is that while I briefly quoted, directly, with citation of page numbers, from Wilkin’s book, he chose to quote snippets from debates, or snippets from the web, but not from my published, formal works! As a result, he questioned my understanding and commitment to the doctrine of imputation, if you can possibly believe that! Since Dr. Wilkin chose to go after me, as an individual theologian, it would have been nice if he had actually bothered to read one, maybe two, of my published works? Simple honesty, let alone respect for the audience, would seem to demand that. I do intend to go over his accusation of “eisegesis” at John 6:44—the facts are so easily documentable that it is he who is engaging in it. But we will leave that for the DL.

Finally, I hope to comment soon on this article. It is truly amazing to me that a United States Senator would be so crass, and so out of line, as to do what Salazar has done. But it sure does make one think—if this is one of the 100 most powerful men in our nation, and he has power over “law” (since the Constitution is really an irrelevant document any longer, thanks to the run-away judiciary and their willing accomplices in the Congress), and he considers the theological conclusion that Rome is a false church something to “repudiate,” how long till such truth-speak is defined as hate-speech by these same men?

And finally, Dave Armstrong saw my note on Mary stains, and has fulfilled my wildest dreams by telling his fellow Catholics to get a grip (a little paraphrase there). Thank you Mr. Armstrong. Now, if you could be so kind as to go down to Chicago and try that out in front of all those folks lighting candles, I’d like to see their reaction. Or, how about cleaning the stain off the wall while explaining that? Yes, that would be interesting. But maybe Armstrong will comment on this amazing comment cited by Jimmy Akin about the same “stains”?

“You probably caught that ‘Our Lady of the Underpass’ story. I admit I tend to roll my eyes when people see the Blessed Virgin in pieces of toast and parking garage walls. However, lately I’ve been smiling at the idea of the Child Jesus scribbling pictures of Mommy all over — just because he can, you know?”

Um…yeah, wow. OK.

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