Headed to Kentucky for the Polemics class, so while I’m on my way, I thought I’d link up a Bible Study and two sermons from SermonAudio that were just now posted. Hope they are useful and edifying!

I am going to do my best to make this the only time I even deign to make note of one of Islam’s worst rabble-rousers. Some people do not deserve to be noticed due to their dishonesty and their inability to even attempt to pretend to act with a modicum of fairness. I was just directed to a blog post by a Muslim who quite simply lacks the ability to think logically, or to speak honestly. He has written to me in the past, and is, evidently, constantly seeking to get attention for himself, not by producing anything of any benefit or scholarly weight, but by exerting all his faculties to twist the words of others. At that, anyway, he is quite good (shallow, but prolific). In any case, this Internet gadfly noted that I had responded to an article on Muslimmatters.org that repeated the falsehood that I had only responded to the Ergun Caner situation because Caner opposes “Calvinism.” I have refuted this falsehood many times here on this blog. In the process, someone raised the issue of “others” who are alleged to be like Caner, and made the false accusation that I had appeared with these others when I had not. I am aware of accusations against these men, but unlike Caner, about whom I had first-hand knowledge (having communicated with Shabir Ally about his false claims to have debated him), I have no connection whatsoever with these other men, and little interest (let alone time) to be digging into their stories (most of which take place outside the US anyway). I hope others who have the time and ability and calling can determine the truthfulness or error of these claims, but it is not my calling to become the Big Policeman of Apologetics.

So our rabble-rousing Muslim writes a blog article claiming I threw Sam Shamoun “under the bus.” How any rational person could read my comments and come to such a conclusion is beyond me. Our writer is either utterly irrational (which is possible), or dishonest, or both. In any case, the man wasted time on his blog actually raising the possibility that I had claimed I had never met Sam Shamoun! What utter foolishness. I have had Sam on the Dividing Line, in studio even. I have appeared on ABN with Sam. I would love to do a two-man debate with Sam sometime against a two-man Muslim team. I have learned much from Sam, and he would say he has learned much from me.

Sam has gotten into some spitting matches with some of the less level headed Islamic apologists in the past that I would have counseled him to avoid (such avoidance is not as easy as it sounds). I am not a clone of Sam, nor is Sam a clone of me, and that is how it should be. But I am well aware of the primary reason Sam Shamoun is hated so much by many of these folks: he has torn their arguments to shreds, and they know it. So, just as some folks are still dancing about with pitchforks because I humorously noted the historical fact that Brigham Young’s wives never entered the Mrs. Utah Beauty Pageant (they have nothing more substantive to argue but to feign offense at such things), these folks have to find something to throw Sam’s direction, since they obviously cannot compete on the battlefield of truth. I have experienced the same thing many times.

So to the dishonest man who claims I threw Sam under the bus, I assure you, Sam could toss me a lot farther these days than I can him! Sam is a warrior, and it is simply beyond lying to say I did any such thing. The person who made this accusation has always been beneath notice due to an utter lack of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness, and will remain so. It is one thing to respond to the bad arguments common amongst Muslims. That is necessary. It is another to waste time responding to clearly dishonest individuals who seek only to twist every word you speak (or write).

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