While eschatology is not an issue I’ve spent any considerable amount time studying, I am looking foward to a future event. Perhaps you will as well. The seminary I attend will be holding their annual conference on the topic A Reformed View of Eschatology The Website for this conference is now up and you can check things out by clicking here.

Topics to be addressed are:

An Overview of Millennialism (Dr. Morton Smith), Old Testament Eschatology: A People, A Place, and a Time (Dr. Benjamin Shaw) Hell: Whatever Happened to It? (Dr. Derek Thomas), New Testament Eschatology: A Reason to Live (Dr. Sidney Dyer), The Westminster Confesssion & Eschatology (Dr. C.N. Willborn), “isms” in Eschatology Critqued (Dr. Cornelis Venema), Heaven: The Saint’s Rest and Victory (Dr. Joseph Pipa), Romans 11: Who is Israel? (Dr. Benjamin Shaw), and Romans 11: Who is Israel? (Dr. Cornelis Venema).

On a side note, I received word today that Dr. Pipa’s debate with Dave Hunt (Particular Atonement vs. Universal Atonement) is now available on DVD. The audio for the debate is listed here although I can’t tell if it is still working. If interested in the DVD contact me.

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