I recently was blessed to go to a dual-monitor setup, effectively doubling my desktop space (and with Eudora, BibleWorks, Libronix, w.blogger, RSS-Reader, FireFox, mIRC, and MusicMatch as the normal set of programs running, let alone Word or anything else, you can see the advantage). I have installed a massively colorful WindowBlinds skin I stumbled onto late, late last night (this is not the kind most folks will like, but remember, I love fractals and Coogi sweaters), and so I needed a new, highly colorful background to go with it. And here it is. And on two 19 inch LCD’s this baby glows. I’ve uploaded it to my Blog Fractals page. If you are a color freak like I am, enjoy! (B^D <--- if you are emoticon challenged, or just new to computers, turn your head to the left...there you go...see? Bald head, eyes, nose, wide smile...see?

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