Richard Barcellos is a Reformed Baptist pastor in Southern California, a fairly regular visitor to our chat channel, an all-around good guy, and the main driving force behind The Reformed Baptist Theological Review ( We were chatting in channel recently and the subject of a new offering from Solid Ground Christian Books came up, that being the commentaries of John Eadie on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and 1 and II Thessalonians. Richard was ecstatic in recommending the volumes. In fact, I tracked down his written commendation:

I am very excited to see Eadie’s commentaries back in print through SGCB! Over the years, in preparation for preaching, I have worked my way through Eadie’s Colossians and Ephesians, and am now almost finished with chapter one of Philippians. I also read several contemporary commentaries at the same time. I am astounded at the fact that almost without fail, Eadie discusses all the relevant syntactical and theological issues of the text with a freshness that penetrates into today’s theological and ecclesiastical scene. When someone asks me about commentaries on Paul’s epistles, without hesitation, I recommend Eadie first. His commentaries are both academically and spiritually stimulating and enriching. They have a heavenly scent about them while yet dealing with the technical issues of the Greek text. Get Eadie now if you don’t have him. Richard Barcellos, Pastor

That’s enough for me! Pre-pub price is only $65 for the set ($135 regular price), through July 31st. If you are tired of wading through endless and mind-numbing commentary about all the modern theories of this person or that, and wish to have a sound commentary that gives you access to the original languages and then makes godly application, time to head on over to SGCB and grab Eadie before the publication date.

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