OK, if you are a crusty Puritan, move on, nothing to see here….

If you are a non-crusty Puritan (like me), and everyone else…

I wanted to take just a brief moment to acknowledge some of the folks at this season who have been an encouragement to me over the past year and, in light of that, whom you might wish to consider at this time of year when thinking of gift giving, etc. For example….

Most of you know that I completely changed my diet and ramped up my exercising (by over 50% mileage wise, so far) in April of this year following racing in El Tour de Phoenix (now to be known as El Tour de Mesa). When you change your diet you need help sticking with it, and I found some of that assistance from one of our channel “rats,” graceb4me, or as we refer to her, gracey. She is part owner, along with her husband, of Basiks at Home Naturally Healthy Products. Gracey and her husband gave me a complimentary stack of spice tins when we met at the CRI conference in May in Florida, and those spices really helped me stick with my new diet by making it yummy. In fact, I made turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving, and it turned out great (in my opinion at least!), and I used the original Basiks blend as my primary seasoning for the dressing. But instead of loading on the butter, I used olive oil and made a much healthier recipe. So, here’s to gracey and the folks at Basiks!

Next, you all should know Carla Rolfe and her great design work in coming up with a line of A&O products. She continues to crank out great designs, especially around the holidays. Her A&O store is here, her CafePress store here, and her Zazzle store here. Another of our faithful channel rats! I think I will be heading her way for some gifts myself.

The third of our faithful channel rats I’d like to mention is our old friend Mylo Hatzenbuhler, aka, Clyde Bauman. If you have been entertained by the wonderful parody tunes I sometimes play before the DL, you know all about the comedic genius of Mylo Hatzenbuhler. But this year Clyde put out a great album of serious music you will want to hear, Prairie Memories. And if you want Mylo’s take on Christmas (and the classic “Winter in Nordakota” is a must!), don’t miss A Very Mylo Christmas.

Well, I have now made the channel rats happy! To all who make up, to greater or lesser extents, the family of #prosapologian, a blessed season of reflection upon the greatest gift ever given, the Incarnation of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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