I stopped by Solid Ground today and noted a couple of items of interest you might want to check out (yes, I know, this may tend to prompt biblio-covetousness, the great bane of Mrs. Calvinists everywhere—my apologies):
First, despite the repeated efforts of some folks to deny our existence or our legitimacy, we Reformed Baptists keep popping up. Reformed Baptist Academic Press has begun publishing works and their newest is going to be very interesting to a wide portion of our audience. Covenant Theology from Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Cox and John Owen is being offered at a 50% price for the next week. Edited by Ron Miller, Jim Renihan (my partner in the recent debate at sea in defense of the resurrection of Christ) and Francisco Orozco, this work will surely be useful for those studying the application and ramifications of covenant theology.
Second, Solid Ground is offering the Reformation Study Bible at a great price in the ESV translation. I know a lot of folks enjoy this study Bible (I personally don’t do the study Bible scene anymore, but some folks like to carry a small commentary along with their translation it seems).
Finally, Sam Waldron has released his book, To Be Continued, which addresses the issue of the sign gifts from a Reformed perspective.

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