Just a quick note to thank everyone for your prayers for the debate tonight. Everything went smoothly as far as the debate is concerned. I think we have a great recording, etc. I think those in attendance were a little surprised at Dr. Ehrman’s treatment of me, but I wasn’t overly surprised. He did not prepare for the debate, had no idea who I am, and did not read anything I’ve ever written, hence, he was in a tough spot, given that I had studied his works so thoroughly. As a result, he made horrific blunders in misrepresenting me in his rebuttal. In any case, his radical skepticism was clearly documented, and those in attendance found it very useful. Lord willing I will be able to get some pictures and maybe a quick video clip over the next 36 hours or so from the ship. We will try to do a DL on Friday as well.

Again, thank you for your prayers!

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