Who wrote the following?

“…unconditional election of individuals to eternal life was not taught by the Apostles. God did elect or predestinate, that all those who would be saved, should be saved in Christ Jesus, and through obedience to the Gospel….”

Was it:
   1) Dave Hunt
   2) Adrian Rogers
   3) Benedict XVI
   4) Joseph Smith, Jr.
   5) Billy Graham

You know what is sad? Any one of those listed could have said it. Obviously, Dave Hunt has said that, but just not in that exact form. The answer is 4, Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism. I just finished reading Another Jesus?, the new Eerdmans publication by BYU professor Robert Millet. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a full-blown, no-holds-barred apologetic for Mormonism, very much like what you would pick up at your local LDS bookstore, except now you don’t have to go there. You can get it from Eerdmans at your local “Christian” bookstore. The citation above is included by Millet (he is open in saying Mormons are much more favorable to Arminianism than Calvinism–which really goes without saying). More on this soon. Yes, the world has gone nuts.

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