Delivered yesterday by Paige Patterson. As you listen to it, remember…

Born in Istanbul, studied in madrassas in Istanbul, Cairo, and Beirut; speaks Arabic; done many debates with Muslims, even in Arabic, in mosques! Debated Shabir Ally in Nebraska; father an “ulema” who was surrounded by “caliphs” on his death bed, and who was a polygamist who brought his “wives” with him to America; Ergun Caner coming to the US in 1979 (having lived only in majority Muslim countries). All in an attempt to pad a resume (a point Patterson addresses) and to create a persona.

Here’s Dr. Patterson’s sermon on the 9th Commandment.

And let us remember: it has now been nine full months since this video was posted, asking three important questions of Norman Geisler who continues, to this day, to host the fully refuted excuses Ergun Caner has provided to him (click here). Nine months of silence from the main engineer of the Great Evangelical Cover-Up. Truly shameful.

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