Two years ago today I posted the following video. It was right toward the end of the major period of revelations concerning the false claims of Ergun Caner. On June 25th of 2010 Caner had been released from his position as president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. The cover-up on the part of Liberty was still ongoing. As we have learned since then, a series of facile excuses had been produced by someone at Truett McConnell College, where Emir Caner, Ergun’s brother, is President. These shallow and easily refuted excuses had been posted on Norman Geisler’s website. It had not taken us very long to document the many errors in the material. I produced this video asking three basic questions for anyone who would accept what Norman Geisler was promoting in the Christian community. Two years of silence have now passed. Geisler, and those associated with him, have refused to even acknowledge the existence of these questions, let alone respond to them. It is a sad chapter in the history of Christian apologetics in the United States, and a tremendous testimony to the power of politics, money, tradition, and croneyism. At least some of us can say we have honestly faced the issues and called for truth and honesty. Sadly, our numbers are few. Far greater are those who have turned a blind eye, and who to this day, though knowing the truth of these matters, share platforms with an unrepentant and still defiant Ergun Caner, and those who have enabled him to avoid doing the right thing, mainly, his brother Emir, Norman Geisler, and the political machine that chose to dodge responsibility rather than deal with direct dishonesty and deception.

This next video was posted about a month earlier, and remains highly instructional and important:

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