I know that some have been confused about the note below to Alexander the coppersmith. Perhaps recalling the context of 2 Timothy 4:14-15 would help, along with the realization that just as there were those who opposed the apostle’s teaching long ago, there will be those who engage in that activity today, all the while claiming to be fellow believers, while they know, in their hearts, that they are filled with hatred and detestation of sound theology.

There are a number who could fit into the role of Alexander in my life, and surely being involved in seeking to publicly defend the faith only increases my exposure to Alexander-like individuals. But I have one particular person in mind. He knows who he is. And he has a junior partner who, seemingly feeling left out, has piped up even today on a fairly widely read e-mail list. Though I have not said a word about him in ages (they get upset if they do not feel like they are bothering those they dislike so deeply) he felt it necessary to personally attack me in public yet again today, seemingly feeling that putting together conferences and doing all of the work necessary to address important issues (such as the nature of the covenant and the very essence of what the gospel message is and who we need to proclaim it to!) is somehow irrelevant or unimportant. Of course, I don’t believe anyone would wish to attend such conferences or activities featuring Alexander Jr., so that may figure into why he has decided to throw his diminutive weight into the spotlight, but the fact remains that I, for one, do not think he has any basis upon which to slander the tremendously hard work put out by such folks as Mike and Sau O’Fallon, or Rich Pierce, or all of the others who labor to benefit the people of God. I sure am glad it is before the Lord that we stand or fall. I’d hate to stand before the two-man jury of Alexander and his side-kick, Al Jr.

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