Update 12/10/2013 92% of the goal. Starting to contact dealers now.

Update 12/5/2013 As of today we are 2/3rds the way toward what we need to purchase these cameras. Please keep this project in mind when you consider your year end gifts.

A little over a month ago I blogged the post below. Well, today I thought that I would give an update on the project. First, I have been re-digitizing every video that I can get my hands on out of storage. Wow, do we have alot of videos, (I hope YouTube can handle it all), but I am feverishly working toward getting all of this footage up on our new YouTube channel. In the meantime the need for the equipment below still continues and we are almost halfway to the goal. If you haven’t read my first post please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the goal.


From 10/9/2013
As I type this I am in the process of uploading the video of the very first ‘Great Debate’ on Long Island from 1996 to YouTube.  The numerous ‘issues’ with the recording from that debate would eventually lead to our purchasing cameras of our own and sending volunteers out to Long Island in order to record future ones. As we expand the Dividing Lines to YouTube, so too I hope to expand the number of videos that we offer up there. Which brings me to my reason for writing today. In the early days of this ministry James would do seminars on various foundational topics in apologetics. It has long been my hope that one day we could go back to the classroom and re-record those presentations on video. With the advent of YouTube, HD Video and HD graphics that hope has turned into something that I never could have imagined years ago. So here is the vision, I am asking for special donations to upgrade our video cameras to HD. We already have the wireless microphones, the expensive tripods for the cameras, as well as the computers and the software to merge and process the footage and graphics together. However, our cameras just don’t measure up anymore. Further, as James does future debates it is my hope to once again use this equipment to properly record these events as I used to be able to do years ago. I have setup a special donations page because these cameras are not cheap. However, they are worth every bit of their cost with the quality product that they can deliver.

Here are the cameras that I am wanting to purchase for the ministry and here is the link to the donation page where you can help us get them.


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