I’m half tempted to add a new category, “Various Illegal Activities Caught on Video” or something like that.
   By my estimation our nocturnal visitor probably got himself a handful of glass for very little. I have carefully examined the video now (remotely!), and he was in the offices less than 40 seconds. Our alarm makes a horrid racket. Obviously, you can still grab valuable stuff in 40 seconds. We are doing what we can, remotely again, to see if he swiped much of anything. The irony is, this is probably the best weekend for this to happen. Why? Because most of the valuable stuff that someone could swipe from us has to do with conferences and debates, and all that stuff is up here with us! So there wasn’t much left of value, that’s for sure. Unless he wanted to read piles of theologically rich and accurate books. Not likely.
   So here is a picture of him…running away, off into the (appropriate) darkness. I’d like to think he might have run smack dab into something out there in his haste as a small bit of justice. But that’s unlikely as well. In any case, those bars are not coming off those windows anymore…well, not without knocking the wall down anyway. And so we press on, all the efforts of evil men notwithstanding! “Brethren, pray for us.”

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