I knew a few folks were working on this, but just now TurretinFan posted the results of his examination of the yearbooks from Gahanna Lincoln High School, 1981-1984. Click here for photos and documentation. As one would expect, Ergun Caner looks like any other kid who grew up in Ohio in the 1970s and early 1980s. In fact, he and I looked a lot alike even back then, oddly enough. Then again, big glasses and lots of hair…anyway. I should track down my high school yearbooks and post a few pictures just to be fair. In any case, no, you will not find any pictures of Ergun Caner in Muslim garb. You will find him dressed like any other regular high school kid of the day, which makes sense. We now know, from court records, that he grew up in middle America, son of a divorced family, sadly, but just as much an American kid as anyone else. Yes, I’m sure his dad spoke to him about the scales, as I said in the previous post, but the Ergun Caner of history and the Ergun Caner presented by the current President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary who grew up in Turkey thinking Christians hated him are two very different people. One of them existed, and we can prove it. The other, sadly, only seems to exist any longer in the mind of one lonely man in Lynchburg. Let us pray he will drop the pretense and confess the truth.

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