Packing up to head to the last class of the January term, and had to post these two links before I left. First, Eric Svendsen appreciated Angel’s talents once again, and likewise pointed out that even on the issue of resolutions, DA just can’t seem to get up to speed. I’m sure the non-responsive response from DA will focus upon whether it is inconsistent for Eric to be offering Dave cigars.

Next, Chris Carmichael pointed me toward the following, so, blame him, not me (actually, it is his site anyway, so blame him for it all). He felt this was the best illustration he could think of in light of the Kelly Powers saga. And, if you dare take a tour through the gallery, do not do it if laughing loudly (normally resulting in coughing and other respiratory disruptions) might get you fired. Click with care! [Warning, I have been watching the folks in channel reviewing the gallery of photos, and must once again warn you not to view this site while at work or while eating. Numerous reports of guffaws, abdominal muscle spasms, and similar problems, have already appeared in channel. We did, however, have one unbeliever who questioned the caption on photo number 17 by saying, “I find that pretty much impossible to believe. Was no-one surprised when the musicians actually seemed to have some talent and didn’t spend 5 minutes between songs on syrupy contentless dialog?”]

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