So that is yours truly yesterday morning on the 26 mile ride to the top of Mt. Lemmon outside of Tucson, Arizona. I had been planning this since last fall when I rode up (but not back down) Mt. Lemmon. Some good friends from Tucson accompanied me (via car) and took some shots (I posted one of the shots from the descent on Twitter this morning). So what does a picture of a brightly clad old cyclist on a desert mountain at the beginning of a 52.41 mile ride (climbing 6,711 feet) have to do with the next debate? Because, I am studying for it in that picture. OK, I know, you can’t see the iPod Nano or the bluetooth headphones, but they are there. I was listening to a debate with Sheikh Awal as I headed up (no use even trying to listen to something coming down! Wind noise at 25-35mph makes that impossible), and I will be playing some portions of that on the DL this afternoon. Listen in! (photo: WL)

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