Lest some of you think you managed to convince me to abandon my sense of humor and the use of well crafted, purposeful, high-quality cartoons to make a point—you were wrong. Angel has simply been swamped with “real life” and unable to carve out any time for us (can you imagine what he’d come up with regarding some of our rC friends? Hey Angel, I have jpgs!). He popped into channel today to let us know he’s still kicking, busier than can be, but likes my fractals (see, a quality man there!). While he was there I introduced him to my favorite sweater, the COOGI (face it: a Coogi tie or sweater is the closest thing to a wearable fractal made). Who knows, maybe someday Angel will do a cartoon of me in a COOGI. Then again, maybe not. But be warned! I shall be wearing a COOGI tie in the debate in November! Bring sunglasses!

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