I just arrived in Philadelphia after an 8-hour flight from London. It was an uneventful flight during which I mixed a little reading of a work on the Qur’anic accusation of textual tampering with two viewings of…Despicable Me, which I found to be wonderfully heart warming and fun to watch (I rarely see movies in the theater, given I have so much flying time to fill on long trips using my iPad!). Yes, that’s an odd mixture but hey, eight hours is a long time.

Anyway, I fired up my web access once I got here to Philadelphia as I have a bit of a layover (you know how much fun it is to go through customs, reclaim your bags, recheck your bags, go back through security, etc.), and amongst a few kind words about the ministry in the UK I found a discussion going on about someone that, as far as I know, I haven’t even made reference to on this blog or on the DL for quite some time. He is a man who confesses he knows little about the subject of textual criticism, yet, he then displayed his own ignorance by posting the following under his own name:

James White embarrassed evangelicals with this poor dialog with Ehrman. Ehrman walks away looking like an accomplished scholar. On the other hand, White crawls away like a whipped mongrel.

As I will be doing the regularly scheduled DL tomorrow, I will add to the report on the ministry in the UK, along with the debate with Bassam Zawadi in London, a brief examination of the author of this insightful quotation (drawn from his own ignorance), along with some commentary on the kind of mindset that causes men like this to behave in such a fashion, while all the time thinking its “those other folks” who are causing all the divisions.

We will be doing the DL at its normal time, so I hope to see you all then!

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