A quick unedited sneak peek at Pulpit Crimes:

   I have come to view this concept of preaching as one of the greatest signs of the decay of modern evangelicalism in Western culture today. It is so blatantly unbiblical, in fact, so patently absurd in light of even the briefest scripturally-inspired reflection, that it must be a sign of God’s judgment that so many can so easily imbibe such a perversion of God’s truth. Do these words strike you as harsh, even unwise? I fully understand. We live in an age where right and wrong, truth and error, have become matters of opinion and dispute. The language of the New Testament crashes upon the modern ear with offense, leading many to consider the Lord Jesus, His Apostles, and those who seek to emulate them down through history to our very day, harsh and out of step with our enlightened, if yet obviously confused, age. Error and falsehood today are excused as artifacts of our coming to understand that truth is not really knowable, and that we are arrogant if we dare forget our creatureliness long enough to say “what I am saying is right, and what that man is saying is wrong.” “Yeah, hath God said?” (Genesis 3:1) has become the watchword of the modern mindset that has been taught to disbelieve God’s ability to reveal Himself to His own creatures, and sadly, this way of thinking has infected major portions of what is widely identified as “Christianity” as well. Believing that God is the Creator is foundational to any kind of Christian worldview; but the corollary that if God is the Creator then we as His creatures can communicate only because He is the origin and source of that ability is forced upon us by logical necessity. A Christian world view that does not look to Scripture for its lifeblood is a pretense.

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