Well, the Lord answered prayer and opened the way for an Unbelievable Radio Program debate with Sir Anthony Buzzard, formerly of Atlanta Bible College, one of the leading Socinians of our day. Justin Brierley just confirmed his willingness to do the debate on the 23rd of February while I am in London (in fact, Justin is attempting to arrange a second debate for the same day on another topic). That will be the morning after my debate with Abdullah al-Ansari at Trinity Chapel in London. We are also working on another visit to Revelation TV later in that week. What is really nice about the Buzzard encounter is that he is actually reading my book! I will find it refreshing to engage someone who has actually taken the time to hear what I have to say. I know next week when Michael Brown and I square off on Calvinism on his radio program that he will have read The Potter’s Freedom as well, which always makes for a better and more useful debate.


We are still looking for folks to help us with the costs of the trip, including airfare, hotel, food, etc. If you would like to help edify the saints in London and bring these debates about, please prayerfully consider assisting us.


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