The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, Vol. 11, No 2
Editorial: Articulating, Defending, and Proclaiming Christ our Substitute, by Stephen J. Wellum.

“A History of the Doctrine of the Atonement”, by Gregg Allison.

“The Atonement in Isaiah’s Fourth Servant Song” (Isaiah 52:13-53:12), by Peter J. Gentry.

“Songs of the Crucifi ed One: The Psalms and the Crucifi xion”, by Derek Tidball.

The Cross and Substitutionary Atonement, by Simon Gathercole.

“Christ Bore the Sins of Many: Substitution and the Atonement in Hebrews”, by Barry C. Joslin.

“The Atonement under Fire”, The SBJT Forum.

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