Just finished the session with Steve Camp on the Emergent/Emerging Church movement. Tomorrow Don Kistler speaks in the morning, and tomorrow afternoon David King speaks as well.
   It truly amazes me that as we move along at 20 knots out here in the middle of the ocean I am able to be on the Internet via satellite uploading pictures and blogging. What an amazing world we live in.
   Here is a quick photo of a photo…I don’t have access to a scanner out here (well, I probably do, I just have not asked). See? It was the full outfit, nothing left out. Scotland the Brave and all that…
   Update even before posting: could not post the above till this afternoon. Don Kistler spoke this morning on buying the truth and not selling it, and it was incredible. I snapped a shot but forgot to move it to this unit, so I’ll try to post the pic a bit later.

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