It was great to meet all of you who traveled to Middletown for the apologetics conference this weekend. I’m exhausted, but it was great to get to meet you all! Thanks to Jeff Downs for all his work.

I was truly blessed to get to meet again, after 30 years, the pastor who baptized me as a young person at the Bible Baptist Church of Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania, Pastor Cass F. Santos, Jr. I was a tad bit smaller the last time he saw me! I remember well Pastor Santos’ ministry, even as a young person (we left Pennsylvania when I was eleven years of age). I hope the fact that one of those who attended the ministry of the Word under him thirty years ago is himself continuing that proclamation is encouraging to him.

Sunday afternoon, on the way (sorta) to the airport for the return flight we stopped at Gettysburg. I had visited there in 1994 and had taken beautiful pictures, but sadly, have lost them in the meantime (I still hope to find them hidden in a box somewhere). We had very little time, so I was only able to grab a couple of pictures this trip. I did as many did and re-created my own version of the famous Gardner picture from Devil’s Den. I also snapped this shot of the Pete Longstreet memorial. I think I will find time to once again put Gettysburg and Gods and Generals in the DVD player (while rowing, of course!) and once again escape into a day when men were brave and actually believed in something beyond themselves.

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