Might get a little slow around here for the next two weeks. I will be gone a good bit more than I’m here, with questionable internet access. But I’ll do my best. We will shoot for a Wednesday afternoon DL next week, though it would be best to go for an earlier time, like 6pm EDT instead of 7pm.
   Oh, no new developments in the Caner debate: we can’t even get the proposed moderator to respond to e-mails. Unless he is doing missions work in Zambia or something, this is just completely unacceptable. It is one thing to not have time for unsolicited e-mails. I have that problem all the time. Folks are constantly sending me this or that paper asking me to review it, comment on it, etc., and I simply can’t do it. But we are talking about formal arrangements for a rather large public event here. And it has been two full weeks since I began asking direct questions, and so far, I haven’t even been given the courtesy of a single response, even a short one saying, “I’ll get to you, sorry!” The saga remains utterly amazing.
   Ironically, arranging the Spong debate was a breeze in comparison. Shabir Ally and I are discussing arranging for the UK debates next year. Amazing what can happen when both sides are even semi intent on actually making the thing happen.
   Finally, for those feeling ecumenical, here is a cure. A post by Art Sippo from yesterday. Let it bathe you in its light and love and joy:

   Catholicism represents the historic Christianity against which prots are protesting. Our claims to authenticity are unsurpassed and the prot cults enviy [sic] us for them.
   Last year I crticized [sic] Mr. White’s trashy book Mary-Another Redeemer? because he asserted the exact opposite of what we Catholics teach in the doctrine of the Co-Redemptrix. He did his usual superfical [sic] job of misrepresentation which I demolished i8n [sic] a paragraph or two. Mr. White (aka Pseudopodeo) reacted violently to my criticism, but he did not deny or refute what I said. He couldn’t, because I was right and he knew it.
   There has been a cottage industry of anti-Catholicism among those of the Calvioid [?] tradition form [sic] the very beginning of the Deformation. It has been necessary because they feel threatened by Catholicism. And IMHO, Calvin himslef [sic] was a man of dubious morals and motives who was a murderous religious megalomaniac. There is something of the demonic about him. It also seems to me that the same is true of those who follow him. To me every year Pseudopodeo looks more and more like Anton LaVey (the founder of the Church of Satan). It is frightening.

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