I would not want to extinguish anyone’s new found passion, for in this day of post-modernism it is nice to find someone who can get fired up about anything at all! But just what is “blogspotting” anyway? I had never heard of it till Phil Johnson made it a national pastime. Now, I would not have learned about www.technorati.com if Phil hadn’t linked it, (a real hot site!), but I am forced to ponder what would happen if we all started blogspotting. Is there not a danger of an exponential explosion that would cripple, indeed, fry, the entire Net? With so much combustible material around already, if we all started linking to each other, would the smoke ever clear? And would anyone ever again say anything important? And who would know? Better sound the alarm on this blogspotting thing, and some may need to repent in sackcloth and ashes. Time to quench the flame before the blogosphere is left charred and blackened by this insidious plot.

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