Up until the day I dared to inform Bob Ross that he had gone way, way over the line in his personal attacks on John MacArthur, we were on friendly terms. But once I dared point out that accusing MacArthur of the things he was involved egregious violations of simple logic (let alone proper behavior), I began to experience the same kind of wild-eyed abuse from Ross that I had come to expect from the king of the King James Only folks, Peter Ruckman. A lot of folks today do not know Ross at one time took Ruckman on. The frightening thing is, Ross has become the mirror image of Ruckman. Or, were they always mirror images, and that is why Ross took Ruckman on? It is hard to tell.
   Over the past few years Ross has been very busy burying any credibility he might have once had for having published the works of Spurgeon once upon a time. His childish behavior, falling very much in line with Riplinger and Ruckman’s outlandish antics, have become common place on his blog and in his e-mail bulletins. Ironically, while he now invests most of his time attacking Reformed men (most often due to his own dogged insistence that he knows what others believe better than they do), he likewise has joined to his crusade an amazingly odd defense of…Joel Osteen.
   For a while now Ross has been busily hammering away at that awesomely dangerous, always contentious fellow down in Florida…Tom Ascol. Yeah, that Tom Ascol, of the Founders Ministries. Anyone who knows Tom knows he has a heart as big as Texas and is as kind and friendly a brother as you could ever find, but ol’ Bob Ross has been busily mocking and ranting about “the Flounders” for quite some time now. When you read the rants coming from Ross’ keyboard, you cannot but help pray, “Oh Lord, don’t let me end this way.” I hope someone will have enough compassion on me when I get to my advanced years to make sure I don’t throw everything I’ve done in the rest of my life under the bus in the way Ross has been busily burying his credibility and reputation with childish behavior and infantile rants.
   Today I note that Ross decided to go back to his play book and launch a few salvos my direction. He evidently has been watching my YouTube videos going back over the Texe Marrs incident. I guess that was sufficient reason to insult me a few times for the fun of it—what his point is no one can really say (he often doesn’t have one anymore), but I will gladly put my KJV book, and the work I’ve done in that area, up against anything Ross has produced anytime. He actually has the temerity to post nonsense like this:

(2) James does not comprehend what Ruckman means by the KJV’s “correcting the Greek” and the alleged “mistakes” in the KJV being “advanced revelation.” Ruckman actually means no more by this than what James himself practices on this matter, for James is one of the leading “correctors” of the Greek, promoting what would constitute “advanced revelation” over alleged mistakes in variant copies of Greek manuscripts and/or texts.

   Given that Bob Ross has demonstrated many times that he cannot even understand the plainest of statements on the part of those he intends to lampoon, investing him with expertise in interpreting either myself, or Ruckman, is a foolhardy action, one I surely will not take. The idea that anything I have ever said or promoted would amount to “advanced revelation” is so outrageous and absurd that one can only shake one’s head at the person who would offer the suggestion.
   For many years I hoped someone in Ross’ circle would pull him aside and attempt to talk sense to him. Obviously, there is no one around him who can stop him from his self-inflicted credibility destruction. Back when he was slandering me about my belief in the Trinity, I inquired as to who he elders were: turns out, he is an elder in his church. It is a sad thing to observe, but there is evidently nothing to be done about it, other than to observe, correct when abject lies are told, and pray that the Lord would have mercy.

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