Another “sneak peak” from my upcoming book, Pulpit Crimes:

   If the purpose of the pulpit is to provide a place for God’s voice to be heard amongst His people, then surely one of the greatest, and sadly, most common crimes against the pulpit is when God’s voice is muddled, mixed, and muffled, by human tradition. It is indeed a great crime when God’s people come to the table to be fed on the manna from heaven and instead are given the empty calories of human wisdom masquerading as if they are God’s Word. When the Word is covered over by the crust of man’s traditions, both in practice as well as in preaching, the people of God suffer as a result. They go away hungry, even if stuffed to the gills with programs and schemes and words without end. Only the truth will satisfy the soul of the new creature in Christ, and men’s traditions, when they take the place of the life-giving words of God, can never nourish that soul.

   I wasn’t aware of it, but you can pre-order Pulpit Crimes already, and, if you do so by August 31, you get a special price. You can also take a look at the other books already in this series or planned for this series, here. The book itself will be released at the Pulpit Crimes Conference in Orlando in early November.
   And now…back to work on it!

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