I would like to introduce a fine brother in the Lord and co-laborer in the work, Colin Smith, to the readers of this blog. I have asked Colin to join me in the work of making this waypoint in cyber-space useful and beneficial to the people of God. You may find some of Colin’s materials linked elsewhere on our site. I am honored he has agreed to join in blessing the people of God here on Pros Apologian. —JRW
   I am one of those upon whom James has bestowed the honor of contributing to Pros Apologian, so this brief blog is by way of introduction. I am formerly a citizen of the UK, and have a bachelor’s degree in Theology from the University of Hull, England. I am (and have been for some years now) a student of Dr. White’s as part of a Master of Theology (Th.M.) program through CES (Columbia Evangelical Seminary). I have already written some papers for Dr. White that he has seen fit to include on this site, and I have also contributed a couple of blog articles. I am Reformed Baptist in my theology and attend a Reformed Baptist church. My main theological interest is Biblical Exegesis, though I dabble frequently in other areas according to the term paper I am currently working on, or where curiosity leads. I hope the contributions I make to this site have been, and will continue to be, of benefit to the saints, and most of all glorifying to the Lord.

Colin Smith

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